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OUR STORY MAGAZINE, Spring 2023 issue: Motherhood. Click Here to learn more!

DEAR SISTERS MAGAZINE, Spring 2023 issue: Being Teachable. Click Here to learn more!

OUR STORY MAGAZINE, Summer 2022 issue: Abundant Fruit by Casey Wayne (28-Day Devotional for Moms) excerpt. Click Here to learn more!

DEAR SISTERS MAGAZINE, September 2022 issue: Cultivating Faith (article). Click Here to learn more!

Guest Blogs:

SIMPLY SABBATH, Resting to Prepare for growth :

HEAR HIM LOUDER, How to Find Your Way When You Forgot Where You Started :

Devotionals for the Heart:

Your Mind Matters:–V9Dh7YdaCtBp6QWbY

Feed Your Faith:

When God is Your Teacher:

Healed For a Purpose:

Articles for Inspired Within:

3 Things We are Given Through God the Father:

The Precious Gift of God’s Grace:

Called – Our Relationships with Others (Pt. 2):

Called – Our Relationship with God (Pt. 1):

Handling Conflict with Grace and Forgiveness:

God’s Design for Marriage:

Calming Our Anger:

Waiting Faithfully:

Devotion for Love Lines From God:

Hope and Healing: